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This is a very limited Lathe quare 7 inch that we are releasing with Zegema Beach Records. There are 50 copies total. There are 10 in Canada with Zegema Beach and we have 40 copies. They are hand numbered and we will have them until they sell out. We will not be reprinting them after they are gone.


released January 26, 2014

Recorded and mixed by Alan Burcham at Secret Team Headquarters in June of 2013.



all rights reserved


Greyscale Memphis, Tennessee



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Track Name: Cassidy
Would you put me to rest? After everything and everyone will you be the only one left?So many pushed away. so many enemies created out of pure honesty. You stood the course. You weathered the storm. Never giving up and never giving in. the quest to find the answer that we will never understand. I thought it would be you until the the end. Hidden in plain view. How could i ever have trusted you? A soulless window pane i could see right through. But i kept my eyes closed because i didn't want to face the facts. Is backstabbing still backstabbing if you have my back?
Track Name: Tulip
And in the end its all the same. It was a spark the burned everything down.
Ignited with passion and infatuation the spark grew into a fierce flame. The coldness of lust had
melted until there was only love. Smiles of better days and happier thoughts of the past.
Now just ash from the feeling that took over. It grew uncontrollable. No one could stop it.
the wildfire consumed us both. We were so blinded we fanned the flames until we grew tired.
Too weak to continue. A warmth too cold to warm us both. Ill take the loss. Ill fight through the frost.
Just keep warm. And when the flames rise again with anothers arms who arent so tired, Just remember who
started the fire. and in the end its all the same.