A Breath of Fresh Air

by Greyscale

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This 5 song EP is coming out on a 7" that will be released early 2013 on Fat Sandwich Records. Pre-orders and actual date of the release will be announced soon.

Self-recorded at our practice space November 2012.
Mixed & mastered by Sameer Shirazee.


released December 4, 2012



all rights reserved


Greyscale Memphis, Tennessee



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Track Name: The Closer You Get to the Light, the Stronger Your Shadow Becomes
I count by ones and twos as you count by squares and blues. I"ll read the pages as you skim the book. Sail the sea of desperation while I climb the mount of confidence. You bite the hands that fed and you spat in the face of those closest to you. You have no idea who you are. Brace for the crash. It's always been foresight. You know (you have known), but nothing can prepare you for the fall. Spiraling down the same staircase that took you so long to climb. Strange how the journey down is always so swift. You build up faith in the falsehoods and friends in all places. I've just started to scratch the surface and my nails are already bleeding.
Track Name: Greater than or Equal to
My reflection is apathy. My eyes are empty. Everyday is just that, everyday. I give my all and I come up short. I feel the same in sunshine and rain. I wouldn't know the feeling of ecstasy from pain. I'm a simple man with simple hopes and dreams. I hate these feelings or lack there of. I hope to one day shine and make myself proud. This is for me, my destiny.
Track Name: The Apology
It's my way of going back. This is an apology for all the wrongs. For the words I didn't say. For the Things I didn't do. For never being there when I was needed most. I admit fault. I strive to change.
Track Name: Tears from the Womb
Hanging on my every word like a noose around your neck. Turn the noose into a halo and just walk away. You are strong. You are you. Take a look in the mirror. Is this what you wanted? A beautiful soul is trapped in a body of confusion. It's not that you don't want to live, it's that you no longer know how. I know its hard to deal with, that's why we all arrive in tears. The world can be the brightest of suns, or it can be the darkest of moons. The choice is yours. Its in your hands. Now make your choice and take you last stand.
Track Name: Iron Veins
Like the veins that keep it flowing. Rolling with the punches, your words strike us in opposite directions. Accept rather than shun. Look where it's brought me. A place i could never find on my own. I've cut bonds before, but these scissors are no match for iron veins. You won't give an inch. I live for moments inside of ourselves. Certain personas have slipped by unnoticed and unscathed. Shrouded by everyday mistakes, they have a place in my heart. Everything has become warmer. Everything has changed.